Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love FOOD!

Our family is embarking on a new journey! Lately, I have been pretty obsessed with our food, what's in it and where it's made. We have always been healthy people who eat little meat and make most of our food, but I always thought we could do better. So, this week, I actually planned out our meals (a first for me) and bought only what i needed, plus one salty snack and one sweet snack. I did all of our veggie and fruit shopping at our local farmers market and, with the help of Vegweb.com, was able to find recipes to fit what I bought. Than, i made a list of what I sill needed and went and got that at a local health food store! Now, this may seem like common sense to some of you, but it's pretty big in our family, especially since I've been doing the cooking. THAT in our family is unheard of. Normally, I will make make maybe one meal a week and darling hubby will do the rest. But I have decided to take control and make our meals this week (and most likely every night if we keep this up).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

trailers are rad

trailers are rad, originally uploaded by yarnandtea.

and i want to live in one. or at least have one to play house in. or crochet appliance covers for.

I am currently compiling drawings of dwellings for a "home" zine. I hope to have a little table in Alternative Press Expo this year! Cross your fingers!

Scrapy and Warm

Last week, in gleeful anticipation for my trip north, I crafted a lovely little cowl out of all my yellow scraps. I included a little embroidery on one part, which reads "I think you're cute". I lined it with my old yellow sweatshirt. It is incredibly snugly and brings gallons of sunshine with it where ever it goes.

The inside is my favorite sweatshirt
a knitted section
A wee bit of embroidery

Mossy Bits

going to Santa Cruz, originally uploaded by yarnandtea.

This last weekend I was blessed with a little jaunt up to one of my favorite places, Santa Cruz. There I frolicked with one of my favorite people, the lovely and talented Miss Elle B. This is my drawing I did before I left.
I had an awesome, inspiring time up in those misty mountains. Thanks Elle!

what we did, originally uploaded by yarnandtea.