Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Craft is alive and well in our home.

Boys trying out the tote, originally uploaded by yarnandtea.

Here above is an awesome picture of the boys testing out gifts. The tote was embroidered by T! He had been working on it for the past month and just finished it yesterday. It is embroidered with a picnic scene, complete with huge bees. Today he dug through my fabric pile and unearthed a cute pink rose print which he sewed into the tote as lining.
Once the lining was in, K had to climb aboard and test out the tote to make sure it was strong enough.
Do I have the coolest husband or what?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too Long, too long

dec 20, originally uploaded by yarnandtea.

I have been sick for the past week. Ug. A cold, a cough, a everything. Plus the babe got another tooth and the christmas day has been creeping up. So between napping and soothing, I have been crafting, leaving little time for drawing, blogging or flickring. Boo.
But soon enough, I will really not be able to blog. Our tiny clan is going on VACATION! To the wonderful land of Kiwis! New Zealand. We will be climbing mountains! We will be riding whales! We will be farming sheep! We will be casting the one ring that rules them all into the fiery depths of mount doom!!!
But I'm sure I will post in between chirstmas day and now. Never fear.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

21 things

I love making lists. It's my favorite. Even if I don't do anything that is on said list, I will make the list. But THIS TIME I will actually complete the list. I swear it.
This is my 21 Things to do before I turn 21:

1. 365 Days of Thrift (only buy vintage/thrift for 1 year)
2. A drawing A day for a Year
3. Two-tone hair (blond/brown)
4. Turquoise hair (a little at least)
5. Make enough things to get into a local shop (Pannikin)
6. Make a pair of underwear
7. Build a Silkscreen Press
8. Get an A in a college class
9. Get a barista job
10. Learn to burlesque dance or pole dance
11. Lose the last 15 pounds (or more)
12. Switch to bike only (no car)
13. Make a Comic for APE
14. Knit a full pair of socks
15. Decorate upstairs
16. Knit a whole sweater
17. Participate in a craft fair
18. Do a little backpacking trip (with the babe)
19. Get a tattoo
20. Plan future education / execute
21. Create my own knitting pattern

it appears I have quite a bit to do! But I believe I can get it done. I'm normally the kind of person who can never get anything done, so I'm hoping this list will help me jump start my year getting back into the swing of life. Having a babe has been the hardest and most time consuming thing I have ever done. I feel like I have left my life and myself behind since I have given birth. I am hoping that this year before I turn 21 will be the year I get back into the swing of things and actually start doing things again. Not farting around the house, not sitting on my butt an knitting all day, but actually doing things.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I wore today!

december 8, originally uploaded by yarnandtea.

So i have this little gig going... I'm trying to keep a 365 day log of my attire, mood, beverage of choice, and general happenings in my day. It's part of my "21 things I want to do before I turn 21" list. Maybe I could turn it into a book or... just improve my drawing...
but anyway, check it out on my flicker page. I may or may not be posting the drawing everyday, but I will be posting them all. So keep checking!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Goodies Galore!

birds and mushies, originally uploaded by yarnandtea.

As I promised, I have now posted my ornament pictures on Flicker! Here are all my little goodies hanging out together. I'm contemplating putting them up on Etsy in the future, but for now, they are going to be gifted to various members of my loving family and friends. I have even more little projects in the works, so brace yourself for things to come.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happiness is a cozy home

I have been so completely wrapped in making Christmas gifts and what not, that I have not take any pictures of any of them! Ga! But update: father's hat's done, as are 4 knitted mushrooms, 6 embroidered birds and 5 coffee sleeves! Wow!

My birthday was fantastic! It started with a beach picnic breakfast (from Honey's, my favorite). Then moved to crafting and snacking and ended with dinner with my mom and dad (at Besta Won, another favorite)! Magical! I love low-key birthdays, spent with the people I love. As much as I adore parties, I just don't like having them for myself... So my birthday this year was perfect! I even got to hit up Pannikin and the do a little thrifting! Loved it!

Currently, I'm knitting mushrooms while T is embroidering a tote. Really, he is! I cannot believe how cute that is. Now, all we need to do is get baby K crafting and we will have cute little crafting times!

Since I don't have any pictures of my week thus far, I will leave you with some beautiful winter inspiration!