Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden time!

(galaxy watermelons)
Well, actually, garden time was like 4 months ago for us SoCal-ians. And believe me, I was there with trowel in hard, armed with packets of seeds and a mountain of determination. I'm an amature gardener, fueled by flickr pictures from the much more experienced. But, I try very hard and, this year, have succeeded. Earlier in the season, I had sugar snap peas coming out of my ears, carrots galore and beets! (I love beets!!) Now I have tomatoes, kale, broccoli, some carrots (still) and onion.

TODAY I bought some more seeds (carrots, cummin, and galaxy watermelon) and am so stoked to germinate and grow! I'm out there everyday, weeding, tending and watering. I love having soil caked on my hands, under my nails and all over my feet. And I LOVE walking out my backdoor to go grab a snack (which should be fuel enough to grow your own).

Here's where I get my seeds:

The Bear Foot Shaman

Cubits Organics

Both are awesome, independent seed people who really are excellent. So support organic, GMO-free independent growers, seed distributers and gardeners. I'm super passionate about growing and love it so much.
If anyone has any questions about gardening, feel free to ask, I love to help!!!

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