Friday, May 20, 2011

I swear I'm not lazy

Your grandma's board bag. Except I made it, so it's cooler

The Bag (of blankets)

But in reality I am. Hence the lack of technology bummer post earlier today. Then I swear I did something. I got off my bootybutt and grabbed an ice coffee at the Pannikin, and after a brief chat with some friends and a clumsy lemon bar muching while driving my truck, I hauled my boots up to Oceanside to the Vetrans thrift store. I've been mulling the idea of making board bags out of recycled crochet'd blankets for a while now (and don't go taking my idea, becuase that makes you a crappy human) but have been too busy/ lazy to get around to it. But I did it today!!! I scored about $30 buck worth of blankets, which equals 15 blankets. They are all crazy and awesome and very very vintage. I had a go at one and made a grandma board bag for my magic fish...

IT IS AMAZING. like it worked out really really well.. Which also means all of you out there in trendy retro surf landia better scrape your pennies together and start headin over to my ETSY shop in the next few day, cuz these bad boys be goin on SALLLEEEE. No really. you all should get really really excited to see what's coming out of the Habit 3 household.


  1. I want one!!!!! very cool recycling idea.

  2. So cute! Love the dingle balls/pom poms. :)