Friday, May 20, 2011

Scanner broke.

mini and I, originally uploaded by Shelby Bryant.

All my technology fails, mostly when i need it. Like my computer at the begining of the semester, my scanner last week, my few phones I went through this year. Luckyl, we are super luck and the universe lets up find used, reliable stuff once in a while.

Also, my boys have been gone this week. I miss them a lot. other than that, not much news.
I have a bunch of comics to show off, but with the scanner down, boohoo.


  1. All these technology failures might try to tell us that... it is the end of the world tomorrow!!!!! ;) Hope Blogger will survive so we can all stay connected wherever we will be.

  2. mehhhhh...... it's not over yet. I just got started!!!! :0